Free Time! What's That?

Truth is I have about 15 minutes to blog before my youngest wakes. My kindergartner is at school (full day from 8:40-3pm) and my 3 1/2 yo and 22 month old are napping. Not much time. I can't lie, when my girls sleep...I have to close my eyes for at least 15 to rejuvenate for my 2nd part of the rollercoaster ...I!. By the time I wake and attempt some is up and there goes my attempt at "productive" time! 

Good news is...I am now at a stage in parenting when everyone goes to bed by 8 and sleeps all through the night! Best. News. Ever! Sleep is everything to me...well, almost everything!

I now get from 8 to 10 PM free every night. You would think that would be the time that I could clean organize catch up on email and return phone calls. In fact, that's the last thing I want to do. Most nights I find myself spending time with my hubby, Reading a good book or attempting a marathon from my computer of a TV show. If I'm honest, I'm normally reading a book. I'm so exhausted that the last thing I want to do is any of the above. Baby up!

Ok, I'm back. Going to attempt to continue blogging with a baby laying on me (attempting to sleep) and me typing on my iphone7. It's almost time for my afternoon cup of coffee! Lol. Coffee=survival for me! That a on the 🏃...must go!