How to relax on vacation

I have a friend that has three boys seven and under and refuses to vacation as a family. I used to think she was crazy but over time, I have come to understand her logic . We live in a beach town so it's not a bad place to stick around but regardless, I'm a type a person and likes to get out. 

When my son was 3 weeks old, we took our first vacation to Palm Desert! By no means was this the "same" type of vacation but was fun to get away, have a cocktail and hang with my hubby. (Yes, side note...was nursing and did have a cocktail! Ha. There was no pumping and dumping for me if it was just one glass of wine or 1 cocktail! My friend whom is a nurse lactation consultant said you can actually have 1 drink per hour when nursing). Everything in moderation people!

Since then, we have taken family vacations to Colorado (in-laws), Hawaii once (with my first 2) Mammoth to ski recently and many more local SoCal trips to visit my family! Grant is NO walk in the park! the sleeping is terrible for everyone (mostly! Not being in their own bed) but there is something about the adventure and fun that has us repeat it again! Plus, I believe, it teaches your kids to be flexible while making memories as a Fun Family!

As a family, we have decided that tradition is important for us! Vacation allows us to create family traditions and give our kids 1 on 1 attention! Do it Friends...don't be afraid, do it! Throw your kids in the car for that long car ride and teach them to be flexible!