Let's Get This Party Started


My first blog, might be my last blog. I am a mom of three very small children and my only free time is from 8 to 10 PM. I'm exhausted, usually having finished a 1/2 glass of wine and it's my time to put up my feet and read a good book. I could be a sucker for a good reality TV show every now and then too. No judging, I'm thinking about watching the bachelor again this upcoming season! I gave it a break for a season but I feel like my time to live in "la-la" land has come again! #sucker!

To all the first time moms out there I could probably share some of my advice. I'm semi-sane and mostly surviving on caffeine but still love every aspect of mommy hood. The tantrums, the markers gone wild sessions all over my house, the snotty noses but most of all the sweet giggles, kisses and hugs.

I have a sweet yet fiery five your half-year-old boy, a kind and loving 3 1/2-year-old girl and a feisty and determined little 20 month old girl. When I was newly pregnant, I was already chatting up with friends of mine that had kids to potentially get there baby clothes/gear. Because all three of our kids were a surprise , I had to reach out to a lot of mamas! One of my besties already had three boys, and she happily gave me bags and bags of clothes for my firstborn, a boy!

Loved loved loved handy- me downs! Saved a ton of $ and didn't feel guilty at all when wanting to buy a few special pieces from Janie and Jack (and Gap) on sale. Lol. I'm a sale shopper...so never paying full price!

I also bought his crib used! I reached out to a mom friend of mine (already had 2 kids a tad bit older) that lived an hour away and she sent an email to her mommy possee and that is how we found our crib and changing table! Bought both for a steal and loved that this warm and loving family had used the crib / changing table with their 3 girls! Ha ha- if they only knew that their crib would go on to sleep my 3 babies plus more to come!!! (Not mine of course 😳...we are done! Finito! No más!). Buying used was awesome- I didn't feel guilty about buying my Serena and Lily bedding after that (sale of course) for my boy and then one set for my girls (to share...they will never know)! Boy bumper is thrashed (always start first 6months with an breathable bumper) but I have sent my boy sheets on to another friend!

My bestie had a girl first (now 6yo) and as you know, I had my boy first...so when we went on to have our second (me girl, her boy) we exchanged ALL the clothes!!! Been amaze. Lol. We even did our trade with the 3rd (me girl and her girl, year younger)! 

Best advice ever! Use USED and buy USED!!! Then...return the favor and hook another mama up!👊