To Neti Pot or Not?

As a mom of 3 small children , there is zero time to be sick! In fact, I don't care how many children you have...your household needs MOM to run smoothly! 

A few years ago I spent 2 hours in an urgent care for a doc to tell me I just had the Common Cold! I, being a former sales person, did my best job trying to persuade this young doc that if i didn't get antibiotics and get better soon that it was quite possible that I would die when I returned home! He didn't care and sent me away with a coupon for something called the Neti Pot. I laughed in his face and left! Drove

Straight to CVS and bought the strange contraption!

Best decision I have ever made!!! Although the pot is bizarre and quite gross, it has this incredible way, when using salt, to clean your nasal cavity! Been a total game changer in my life! Whenever I have a cold coming on...I bust out my friend "Neti" and get to business! Moms can't go down!!! We must stay healthy to care for our peeps!

I don't recommend the Neti Pot for kids, this is an adult only device. I do believe in humidifying my kids with cold or hot air when i believe they have a cough or cold coming on. A humidifier is a must for a household with kids. Target, amazon and places like CVS carry. Ask your pediatrician which is better for your kids or cold!