Have you met my new best friend… Mr. Lid?!



OK moms, this one's a game changer! I can remember from my childhood through adulthood spending FOREVER trying to find the correct lid that matched my reusable

Container! Of course, it took forever to find or I would just fail. 😤. Good news is… Mr. Lid exists!

I don't know about you, but in California some schools are mandating that kids start using reusable containers rather than plastic bags for their lunch. Make sense in protecting our environment but more painful for the parents. Solution has been found! Mr. lid is it!!!

They come in all kinds of sizes I can put sandwiches and snacks of all sizes in the appropriate container! Easy for my kids to open. Easy for me to wash! (Top shelf of dishwasher)

This my friends… Was ingenious. Life just got a little easier for mama; and that is a GREAT thing!

Try it!