How my 3rd child potty trained herself

This is NO joke! My first born was 3 and 3 months when he was potty trained (anxiety and stress for me as he needed to be trained to begin pre-school), my middle was exactly 3 (was a tad less stressed as we had some months before pre-school and she was on her way) and now I have a 23 mo old running around naked (pants and diaper off) most of the day...saying pee pee and poo poo!!!

I'm sort of the worst! Ha. At 21 months she insisted on taking off her diaper and saying pee pee but every time I put her on the pot...nada! I am a busy mama so taking a break from "life" to put the baby on the pot was a huge in-convenience 😳. I feel bad saying that, but it just wasn't super convenient for me! So...I kept insisting she use her diaper.🙈 Then one day...she had had it! She learned to take her diaper and pants off herself and ran around our house, most days, "naki" as she liked to call it.

At 22 months she learned to toss herself on the pot! At this point, I had to help! She would call my name to help her get down, yet pee pee. Then it clicked on day! (Ha, of course if was with my hubby...why does it always happen that way?!). She began going by herself! And today...poo poo. At 23 mo little girl just did poo poo all but herself! I feel like a European! Aren't most of kids going by like 12 months?! #nuts.

By no means are we 100% potty trained but holy moly...we are close!!! Good luck moms! Take my advise, when kids are pointing to the potty and getting "naki"...they are ready to learn! Go with it!!!