Live life with passion!

Thanks for stopping by Toned mamas, I am so grateful for your visit! This blog is dedicated to helping you be a happy and healthy mama while attempting to stay sane. As a mom of three little ones, I understand the day-to-day challenges each one of you awakens to each morning! Most days that include pure madness with an underlying amount of joy, love and happiness for what we have been blessed with: our kiddos!

Before the Blog

I graduated from college with a degree in International Business with an emphasis in Spanish (si, habló español) and Marketing.

After college, I led a successful career in outside sales. My first job was in FedEx corporate services in the U. S. and Mexico, then I moved into Medical Device sales😷 (acting as a product consultant to surgeons during the surgery...yes, I was inside the operating room each day). Exciting and gruesome😳 all in one.

Why, you ask, did I decide to transition to a full time mom??? My hubby has a job that warrants a ton of travel...never planned!  Also,  I was on 24/7 Neuro call, as a medical device rep, and well...we just couldn't make it work for our families needs.  So, we decided it was time for me to become a stay-at-home mama (which had been a dream of mine for some time)!  It has been, for me, the best decision I have ever made.

The transition has been amazing and I want to share my passion and purpose with other moms too.  Hence, my new venture: stay-at-home mom blogger.

My Family

I am beyond grateful for my family. I have a witty, charming and loving husband with whom I have three tenacious, vocal and adorable children with. You'll notice that my kids are clones of my hubby...I promise they are my children! The O'Brien family motto is: Our family is a circle of strength founded on faith joined in love kept by God forever & ever!

We have a 5-year-old son, a 3-year-old daughter and a 22-month-old daughter! Let me just tell house and my heart are full!!! I am busy, busy, busy and most of the time crazy. These monkeys are our everything and they fill our hearts with hope, love and laughter.


More About Me

I strive to eat right, exercise and be strong so I can physically and emotionally take care of my kids and be a great wife to my hubby. We live near the beach and a park, and that motivates and inspires us to constantly be an active outdoor family.  But people!!! It ain't easy...I am human...and being a mom has its challenges. I am NOT perfect, far from it!  Let's struggle together!  I need motivation daily, diet and exercise disciplinetoo! It is absolutely ok to reward ourselves with a skinny margarita or 🍷! #survival

My goal is for all of us to be "toned" mamas. Not just on the outside, ladies, but on the inside, too! After all, who says you can't tone your SANITY while toning your TUSH!!!